True Courage Sometimes is Just Getting Out of Bed………………

A lot of times when we think of a person being courageous we think about overcoming some major issue or event.  However, real courage is often masked in ordinary occurrences that take place in daily living.  Even getting out of bed in the morning can be one of the most courageous things a person does all day because of the overcoming of the pain that surrounds that one act.  They often fail to give themselves credit for these seemingly simple acts because they are a necessity to survive. They take for granted that they should be able to do these things easily.  When they can’t do it easily and effortlessly they see themselves as failure rather than courageous.

They don’t give themselves credit for the courage it took which takes away the joy of accomplishment . They fail to have gratitude for what it took to accomplish this feat and how far they have progressed.

Recognizing whatever it takes to get you where you are going and having gratitude for how far you have come, recognizing the courage and dedication it took to get there will speed your progress and increase your joy. For me it has shown me how far along the path to where I am going I have come.


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