Overwhelmed and Full Of………………..

"Full of It" drawing by Sarah Klein-Tower

“Full of It” drawing by Sarah Klein-Tower

When we are going through something — our thoughts, our being becomes full of – and even consumed by – what is going on. It seems like the answer to our dilemma would be to immediately solve it, take care of what is causing the issues as quickly as possible.

Stepping back, taking a deep breath and gaining some prospective might actually be a wiser first step. To find a lasting solution to a problem we have to see what we are “full of” clearly so we can really take care of the issues facing us. To do this we have to get to a place of clarity about what we are really facing and to a place of optimism and confidence that a solution is possible.

Taking a step back enables us to proceed more empowered and equipped to handle the issue we are full of and consumed by.

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