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Sarah Klein Tower, JD, PhD
“Remember the Magic!”

Possibilities Group Teleseminars
Hosted by Sarah Klein-Tower

For more information on teleconferences, contact Sarah Klein-Tower at 713-874-1029

Previous Teleconferences

November 20th
Creating a Possibility Pod
Assessing the year from a new perspective
Finding the gems

December 4th
Defining where you are headed
Designing your puzzle pieces

December 11th
Seeing goals from a new vintage point
Identifying the Passion Barometer

January 8th
Stocking you tool box
Erecting the Launching Pad

4-Part Series, Cost  $150.00 U.S. funds


I am a Collaborator, Motivator, Success Coach and Team player, and I fulfill my Entrepreneurial Drive by offering a great service that enriches the lives of others.

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