How Can I Create Happiness At Work???

Question of the Day:

I look around and things don’t seem to change, and it makes me unhappy. What can I do to feel happier about my work environment?

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”1

To look beyond the imperfections will allow you to start seeing ways that things can change.  It will provide ideas that can take you out of your current dissatisfaction with your present environment. When you concentrate on what is wrong it tends to cloud everything else that you experience.

To start changing things, decide every day for a week that when you first get to your desk to write down five things that would be uplifting to experience that day.  It will break the pattern of the cloud of unhappiness engulfing as you start your day.  At night for a week review your day and see how many of those things you thought of that morning actually came about.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that some of those events begin appearing in your day.

Beginning to change the unhappiness cycle at work will give you confidence that things can and do change when you change your attention and focus.


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