How Do I Get Confidence To Ask For A Raise?

Question of the Day:

I want to make more money but seem to lose confidence when I think about asking for a raise. What is the best way to approach it?

 Even though it has been a tough economy for the past few years, people are getting promoted, and raises are being given.  However, in a lot of companies people are getting smaller raises and larger bonuses, so consider both bonuses and raises when you think about asking for an increase.

In gaining confidence to ask for a raise, there are two people to convince that you deserve the increase in salary; yourself and your employer.  It is important for you to be convinced first that you have earned a raise and why this is so.  This will make it more convincing when actually approaching your employer. To make the case for yourself look at your job description and make note of how you have fulfilled those duties.

People are generally being rewarded for what they are doing above and beyond their required duties. Make a list of things you have done above and beyond the things in your position that you are required to do.  Show factually how these things have brought value and impacted not only the bottom line but also the people aspects of your position.  You might also include a discussion of plans you have for the future to further add value and enhance what you currently do.

It would be a good idea to inquire what other people in your position and industry with your experience are receiving for the same position.  This might show that not only does your work merit an increase, but compared to others in the same position, you deserve a raise to be adequately compensated for what you are currently doing.

Armed with the facts and presenting them in a clear factual manner will be a confidence booster when you actually ask for an increase in salary.

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  1. MJ Schrader says:

    Nice post on confidence

  2. Havilah says:

    Awesome post!

  3. Leah says:

    I really liked the blog post-gave me great ideas

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