How Do I Have Change And Grow Career Roots???

Question of the Day:

I like my work but worry that it will eventually become stagnant.  I tend to like change.  Any ideas on how I can keep my work fresh so I can give myself a chance to grow roots finally?

Sounds like working in a project and team environment would work for you.  Projects have a beginning and ending target date and could provide the change you are looking for.  Working with a team and assigning members of the team to follow up on anything that needs to be worked on, once the project is completed, would allow you to concentrate on your next project. Working on projects could allow you to grow roots, while at the same time satisfying your desire for change.

To begin the process to find what you are looking for, first think about whether it is possible to turn your present position, profession into a project, team environment.  If you find that your present situation does not lend itself to that type of set up, start looking for an opportunity that can offer you both the variety and stability you are looking for.  Positions that provide variety, change, roots and advancement are out there.  Knowing what you are looking for, and that it is possible, will make the process easier.




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  1. Havilah says:

    You always have amazing insight — this is great. Thank you!

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