A Recipe For Creating Business Success!

Looking for business tips for success?

Do you wonder how to run a business sucessfully?

A recipe for creating a successful company is found in Lead with Luv. The book is about a successful company that considers leading with the heart a fundemental business princple in their success as a Company.

Amazon Book Discription:

“Once, there was a remarkable person who led with love. Her company succeeded where its competitors struggled. Its customers were loyal, its employees loved to work there, and it was profitable year after year, for decades. This loving leader began her career as an executive secretary, yet the company’s founder chose her to succeed him as president. When asked why, he said, “Because she knows how to love people to success.” She is Colleen Barrett, President Emeritus of Southwest Airlines. Lead with LUV is an extraordinary, wide-ranging conversation between Barrett and the legendary Ken Blanchard, author of The One Minute Manager. Drawing on personal experience, Barrett and Blanchard reveal why leading with love is the most powerful way to lead and how it can help you achieve truly amazing levels of performance. “


A short book with tall benefits!

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What Is The Bed Rock And Foundation Of Career Success?

YouTube Preview Image What is the key element to creating a successful career?  Many would problably say making eough money. You might be surprised at fhe actual anwser given by Dan Pink, that purpose and meaning actually are the real bed rock and foundation. Creating a career with a purpose is actuallly essential aspect of career growth.

Purpose and meaning are key to creating a career where you actually wake up happy and eager to spend the day doing what you do for work. Getting paid well is imporant, but is much more likely to happen when what you do is meaningful and interesting.  Profit gives you the ability to do what you do, but enthusisam and excitment about  what you do are the actual magnet that create the attraction and acts as the force to create the income stream.




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How To Deal With Overwork And Stay Employed!

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Question of the Day:

How much is too much? I take on more work each year and somehow I find a way to make it work but typically this involves me working into the late hours at home. Everyone at my work says they believe in balance but the reality of my job is I’ve taken on too much. How do I pull back without making it seem like I’m less committed?

Your question is one that many people are asking today.  Many are concerned. But few are actually voicing the question to management because, as you stated, they don’t want be seen as uncommitted or find themselves unemployed. Overwork has become a success factor in today’s work place.

Before discussing the situation with those you work for there a few things you can do yourself to lighten your work load:

  • Review what you do and determine if it is necessary to keep doing it, and if so is there a more efficient way to do it if you are going to continue the process. Look at the overall work you do and determine if you are delegating enough to other people that might be more efficient and have more time to get the work done
  • Go through your inbox realistically and work on those things that have the most importance first and add things of less importance to a list to be done on an as needed basis
  • Quit at a reasonable hour and stop extending the time you spend at work for a month to determine whether you might need an assistant or an intern to actually get the job done.

Keeping track of the insight you gain as you evaluate your work practices will be helpful if you determine that management needs to be involved to bring about the changes you find are  necessary.  The gathering of the data will also demonstrate factually what needs to be done to bring balance to the position and show your commitment to doing the best job possible.

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How Can Creativity At Work Lead To Great Profits?

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Companies like Google, Zappos, Microsoft think creativity and innovation are so important that they build the process into their work model. Creativity is the basis for forward movement. Yet more and more people are finding less time to be creative at work. More pressure to have things done more quickly, and slimmer work forces create time crunches that make it seem impossible to take time out to allow creativity to take place and flow and yet is it a necessity to do so for future progress and satisfaction with what is produced.

How do we find time; what can be done to be more innovative and creative at work?

Ideas to add creativity to the work place:

  • Place a higher value on innovation and creativity at work
  • Recognize  it as bottom line enhancer and treat it      accordingly by making time in the work day for it
  • Make it a Company policy that periodically people must take vacation time to regroup
  • Bring people together to share ideas and provide a sounding board for collaboration
  • Create an innovation and creativity budget so new ideas can be implemented

By implementing these ideas, you will find that creativity ideas will not only be a profit enhancer, but also a morale booster.  It can create not only a more productive work environment but also a happier atmosphere to work in.


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How To Make Your Cubicle Feel Open And Airy!!!

Question of the Day?

Any tips on getting sunlight and fresh air for someone who is climbing the corporate ladder inside of a high rise?

Taking a part of your lunch hour to be outside would give you the chance to get sunlight and fresh air.  Taking a short break outside during the day to get some fresh air would also help.  Jogging before work or walking to work could be invigorating as well as providing a chance to do deep breathing outside as you start your day. Take the opportunity, when you attend outside meetings, to choose transportation that provides a chance to get sunlight and fresh air.  Keep a pair of tennis shoes in your desk drawer, so if the opportunity arises to walk to a meeting instead of riding, you are prepared.

Adding a couple of plants and nature pictures could provide a feeling of being in nature and provide a feeling of being outdoors.  Making your cubicle feel open and airy could also decrease your sense of being in a sterile office setting.






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Free Resources For Change!!!

Ideas are a free resource for creating change. The basis for prosperity, change, and moving forward are good ideas.  Napoleon Hill said, “Ideas are the beginning of all fortune.”  Ideas give  us a  picture of what can be.

Starting an idea journal is a good way to decide which ideas have merit and are worth taking action on.  Take the time to write the ideas down that come to you. Once a week or so review the ideas you have come up  with and see which one if any  you would like to develop.  Every few months or so go back over you entries and see if any of the ideas you passed over now seem worth paying more attention to.  If so, add them to the ideas you will actively work on.

Once you have some ideas you decide to pursue determine what action you can take to begin bringing  your ideas to life.  The more you engage in this process the more ideas, resources and action steps will become apparent to you.














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The Impossible Just Takes A Little Longer!!!

YouTube Preview ImageSusan Boyle never gave up on her dream to be a professional singer. When she got on stage for Britain’s Got Talent the audience’s reaction to her mirrors alot of times what  happens when we share our own dreams and desires.

Susan didn’t back down or give up.  She shocked people when she began to sing and went on to win second place that season.  Over 12 million people have viewed this video of that performance.  Today she makes albums and performs around the world because she pursued and held on to her dreams and did not give up.

Imagine what can happen if you stick with your dreams and allow them to come about. Nothing is impossible; the impossible just takes a little longer sometimes.

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Lacking Resources; Desiring To Start A Business!!!

Question  of the Day:

I want to start a business, but don’t see a way to get started.  Any insight?

A lot of things go into creating a business. The planing, the passion, the determination are all essential parts of getting your business up and running.  None of these necessarily need capital  or outside resources to get started.  The big thing is to begin to create the structure on paper you would like to build.  As you get clear on what you need and how you would do things, you will start to see ways that you can tangibly create what you desire.

The longer you wait for resources to materialize to start your business the longer you put off actually setting the wheels in  place to achieve what you desire to achieve.





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How Do I Have Change And Grow Career Roots???

Question of the Day:

I like my work but worry that it will eventually become stagnant.  I tend to like change.  Any ideas on how I can keep my work fresh so I can give myself a chance to grow roots finally?

Sounds like working in a project and team environment would work for you.  Projects have a beginning and ending target date and could provide the change you are looking for.  Working with a team and assigning members of the team to follow up on anything that needs to be worked on, once the project is completed, would allow you to concentrate on your next project. Working on projects could allow you to grow roots, while at the same time satisfying your desire for change.

To begin the process to find what you are looking for, first think about whether it is possible to turn your present position, profession into a project, team environment.  If you find that your present situation does not lend itself to that type of set up, start looking for an opportunity that can offer you both the variety and stability you are looking for.  Positions that provide variety, change, roots and advancement are out there.  Knowing what you are looking for, and that it is possible, will make the process easier.




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The Power of the Dream!!!

Let your dreams propell you to where you want to go; be the fuel to achieve what you desire!!!

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