Working Hard and Finding Less….Key to Finding More…

7:00 a.m. and the alarm goes off.  First thought oh no, not so soon.  Hand reaches out for the snooze alarm for the first time.  Three snooze alarm rings later you find yourself reluctantly crawling out of bed to start another day.  You went to Grad School because you were eager to go into the field you work in. You were fortunate to find a job in a City you love and have a family that you adore.  What went wrong? Why is every week day a fight to get going and keep it in gear all day?  You have the logical trap blues.  Logically everything should be working for you, but inside there is a vacuum that no matter what you try stays empty.   More and more people are experiencing and feeling a vacuum of discontent. 

 Many are asking why is this?  We worked hard, were diligent………….  what is missing?   They start to think about filling the void, they begin to think maybe looking for a new job may do it, perhaps changing careers will do it, how about buying a new home, or changing cities……..but no matter what they do, the feelings don’t really change……  The vacuum of discontent is still there gently, sometimes viciously reminding them there is something missing.

Why is this?  It’s because we are looking in wrong places for the right things. We believe that with hard work and diligence, education we can create great things, but even though we succeed in many ways we still fail to fill the vacuum inside and miss the opportunity to create the things that will bring us real satisfaction.   

I image that Einstein and many other great achievers also experienced the vacuum of discontent and looked for other ways to achieve their goals.  For Einstein himself said “Imagination is greater then knowledge.” 

Taking a page out of their book, we too can fill our own vacuum of discontent and reach the phenomenal by  just  reaching a little deeper in our own tool boxes.  If we will only reach in and  dig a little deeper and  start looking for and pulling  out things we might not have looked at in a while, and  start using tools we might have once thought  were extraneous and impractical or only useful for special  occasions…… Incorporating imagination, music and  the other tools that will take us beyond the every day of living to a place of  deep satisfaction and feelings of fulfillment we will find the vacuum of discontent has been filled in.

 So don’t hesitate, don’t contemplate, pull up your favorite lounge chair, put on your favorite recording and let your imagination travel far and wide.  As the days go by, you will find the practical will become more fulfilling, the sun will feel like it’s shining brighter and the vacuum of discontent will disappear.

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