Winning the Race….Part 2

Consistency is the turtle; taking little steps as she ambles along toward the finish line. She just keeps taking one small step at a time, not giving up, until ultimately she crosses the finish line first.  A person might start out being really sincere and zealous about losing forty pounds, going back to school or starting a new project. They dedicate themselves.   They are serious about achieving their goal and fully intend to go the distance.  The rabbit of “get it done” will initially get up every morning before work or spend time working on their goal before work at six o’clock in the morning or work late.  Come the end of a week or two they find themselves hitting the snooze alarm three times to stay in bed a little longer, or going home on time two days in a row; deciding to slow things down a bit. Finally a few weeks later they find themselves abandoning their plan altogether because it just seems too hard to fit in to everything else on their plate.

What does us in a lot of times is not that our goals are not doable, achievable, or that we don’t have the resources or the ability to have, do what we want.  It’s because we stop short because we took too big a bite out of the project to begin with, and then could not keep up the pace. The rabbit started out strong, but didn’t have enough stamina with everything else on her plate to keep it going and cross the finish line first. 

Even though it seems slow in the beginning, the way to ultimately achieve our goals is to take little bites along the way until we cross the finish line.  We might want exercise everyday for an hour before work, or take three courses after work to achieve a career goal and get it behind us. But if we really want to win the race and will be committed to exercise for ten minutes three times a week or take a weekend refresher course instead it might actually be the way to get us all the way over the finish line.  We would be doing something that we would actually do that keeps us going to get where we want to go.

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  1. Havilah says:

    I love this post. It’s a great reminder.

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