Winning the Race!!! (Part 1)

Remember the story of the race between the turtle and the rabbit.  Everyone thought the rabbit would win, but in the end the turtle did.  Why? because she kept going. Consistency is the turtle in our races to achieve the goals we have in life.  When we go after something we often think the big sprint is what is going to take us over the finish line to success.

Often half way, or a quarter way, or even right after we set out on our track to success we run out of steam.

What happened? We saw where we were headed clearly, had a good plan to get there?  We were dedicated and serious about what we wanted to achieve. What went wrong?  Generally we have so many things going on in our lives; deadlines, obligations to ourselves, our families, and our careers, that adding something else can really tip the scale in our throwing in the towel or even giving up on our own dreams, goals and desires.

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