Training for Success is Like Practicing for a Track Meet!

Success Training: Knowing You!

Achieving Success: Stacking the Odds!

Success training for entrepreneurs is the workout routine for people that want to get ahead in the business world.  The gymnasium where they practice their routines are their businesses.  Their businesses provide a place where they have an opportunity to practice and test their skills in a non competitive environment.

Training for Success is like practicing for a track meet!


Successful training can be achieved in a number of ways:

  • you can devise a success training program yourself ,
  • hire a coach to devise a plan and oversee your practice sessions,
  • or adopt a generic plan.

There are advantages to each method!

If you devise your own plan and determine the exercises that you will do, you know your own needs the best. On the other hand, if you work with an experienced success coach, you will have the advantage of all her training and expertise at your disposal and things might move along faster.  A third choice might be a  pre-packaged generic success plan which is broadly written to be effectively used by a large segment of people, and generally less expensive then hiring a personal success coach.  Although the plan is easier then devising your own plan, a generic plan will still have to be adapted to your specific needs and will take some work on your part.

Before signing a contract with a success coach it is good idea to interview a few coaches and find out what their style is and what they offer. If you decide you might like to work with a particular coach you could schedule a session or two to see how well you work together.  At the end of your trial sessions see if you walk away with the feeling that continuing the coaching sessions will get you the success training to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

If the coaching session does not work out, or even before you try working with a coach, try creating a Success Training Program for yourself.  Engaging in this exercise will clarify what you want a program to contain and will show you how much energy you are willing to exert in your success training program.  In writing your own program you might check out several generic success training programs to see what they contain.  You might use the generic plans as a guideline to writing your own program.

If you would like to sample all three methods of designing a program you might create a training for success program that combines all three methods.

You could use a bit of each to create the program you would like to use.  You could start out with a few sessions with a success coach to get started.  Then once you have a good idea of the plan you would like to create, purchase a generic plan that has a basic plan that you feel you can adapt to your needs.  Using the knowledge you obtained from your success coaching sessions and the generic plan as a foundation, to write a training and success program that is ideally suited to your needs. Training for success will stack the odds in your favor and achieve the success you envision.

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