Tips for Achieving the Goals we Set!!!


Question of the Day:

I am a good goal setter.  I am diligent about what I set out to do, however, for some reason I often find myself not following thru and giving up on my goals.  I would love some insight on how I can complete the goals I have set for 2012.

The goal is to cross the finish line, to achieve what  was desired to come about when you started out.  So many times the details along the way keep us from where we set out to go initially.  When you stop short of your goal the finish line might only be a few feet  in front of you.  Often, we drop out because the fog of detail overwhelms us. The fog keeps us from seeing that the goal is might actually be just within our grasp and completely doable; if we just keep going/doing.

Next time you think of abandoning your goal step back and try to realically evaluate whether it is time to actually step back and try something else, or are you just in temporary overwhelm and should push forward. Over time you will find goal completion rate on the rise.




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