Sweet Success; Becoming Contagious with Spontaneous Motivation

Success comes in a variety of flavors; sweet success, success with a bite, these are two of the frequent flavors of the month.  Sweet success has a contagious factor to it and often brings a smile to the face of the recipient of the success, a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment that quickly becomes evident to the people around them.  People sense something special about the person that is experiencing sweet success and want to be around them and interact with them. Sweet success acts like a magnet to people, circumstances and opportunities.

“Sweet success” has a few distinct characteristics that distinguishes its’, flavor from “success with a bite”. People experiencing sweet success generally experience a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction with the process they went through to achieve the success, or they have made peace with how things progressed as they went along.  Sweet success recipients often demonstrate pride and pleasure with the outcome of how things turned out in the end.  A real sense of gratitude is often expressed to the people around them for the things that have come to them.   

 “Success with a bite”, on the other hand, has a more tangy flavor, a bit of a bitter taste.  People experiencing “success with a bite” often express a sense of regret about how their success came about.  They might feel sad about the process they have gone through, or dissatisfaction with the finial outcome even though in the end it turned out be a success.  The people who experience success with a bite seem to be left with a bitter after taste and they often find it hard to express and feel gratitude about what transpired.  They express a lot of “what if’s”, and “if onlys”, yes, but.

Spontaneous motivation takes place when people feel confident, open, and happy  These are the same attributes that are often attributed to sweet success.  Becoming contagious and being the generator of spontaneous motivation are the real plusses of sweet success. They will make future successes come much more easily and effortlessly.  Success will  drawn more success, and be attractive, rather then having to always having to struggle and seek out every opportunities to succeed.

Just like “sweet cream” ice cream can be turned into “sweet cream with a tang” just by adding bitter chocolate chips, so also “sweet success” can be turned into “success with a bite” by not appreciating the small things that take place when a person actually achieves success.  When a person actually crosses the finish line and achieves the outcome they are looking for and people are waiting there to congratulate them on their achievement,   it is important to allow themselves to experience the rewards of their success in order to engage in a true sweet success experience. Success with a bit of a bite can be made a lot sweeter by adding large tablespoons of gratitude for what transpired or adding a “this could lead to”.  Be alert to what is taking place around you as you taste the flavor of sweet success or success with a bite so that you can be quick to add the necessary flavoring to insure that you get the success flavor you want.

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One Response to Sweet Success; Becoming Contagious with Spontaneous Motivation

  1. Deb Augur says:

    Sweet success is definitely my favorite! And I always am grateful for each step forward. I’ve always said, one step leads to another, let’s hope there all forward. LOL.

    I enjoyed your post.

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