Success Skills; ABC’s of Expecting

Success Skills; ABC’s of expecting are the steps that allow us to stay on the path until we accomplish our task and accomplish our goals. To anticipate, to look forward to, to expect, these energize the process of accomplishing any task or goal.  Have you ever been certain something was going to occur and even though there was no clear cut evidence that it was going to happen, you had a certainty that it was going to take place?  If we go back and look at why you felt certain we would probably find that there were certain reasons why you had that feeling of certainty.

Successful skills of expectation are primarily composed of believing, then plugging in and staying the course.  First of all you have a desire to see what you want to happen come about.  You have a personal investment in the event taking place to reach your goals.  It is not a casual involvement, but a sincere interest in the events taking place.  You are plugged into the process and actively invested in the outcome.  Secondly, you have the belief that it is possible.  That in spite of all the odds, the happening not only can occur, but will occur.  Knowing the elements that it takes to fan our expectation provides us with the knowledge to enable us to intentionally put the A,B,C’s of expecting in place with intention.

When we expect that something is going to come about we begin to look for clues and signs that indicate that the process is moving forward to achieve our goals. When something happens that appears to be a set back, we can more easily overlook what is taking place, because of the certainty that we feel knowing we are headed in the right direction. Things are working out. 

Expecting is different from hoping something will occur or even feeling positive about something that you want to take place. It is an actual anticipation and expectation that whatever you are looking forward to is actually taking place.  You might not have the physical evidence yet that it is happening, but there is a certainty inside you that no matter what it looks like it is really happening. 

I recently wrote a book and was looking for a printer.  I approached a number of printers about putting the book together.  It appeared that I was hitting one road block after another in finding the right fit.  One of the people I talked to along the way told me that it was not going to be possible to print the book in the format I had written the book because of the combination of my drawings and text.  I got really discouraged and for awhile I felt like the book was just not going to happen.  A few weeks after that incident I sat down and re-evaluated my feelings, what I really expected to happened.  I realized that I had become discouraged and lost my expectation that the book would actually be published.  I recommitted myself to the project, I plugged in and began to believe again that it was possible to find the right printer.  Within a matter of a few weeks I located a printer that was enthusiastic about printing the book and a few months later the book was published exactly in the manner that I had originally desired.

Sit down and intentionally plug into the Success Skills of the ABC’s of expecting and they will provide you with assurance that the goals you have set will come about. In this way you will stay the course to achieve them.  Review what you want to happen in your life.  Decide what you truly want to come about. Determine if you believe that it is possible. Plug into the expectation that it will occur and allow the Success Skills of the ABC’s of Expecting to work for you today.

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