Success Maker; What it takes to stand out in the Crowd

The Success Maker is housed inside people and radiates from within.  It says who they are and what they are about.  When we know how to effectively use the Success Maker it makes us stand out from the crowd.  The Success Maker creates the sparkle.  Many times before you have even spoken a word to someone you are just meeting you find yourself having formed a distinct impression of who you think this person is and what they are about.  Although you might not know the particulars about the person you are just meeting, in a few minutes, or even seconds, you have formed an impression of whether you think you like this person, and whether you think they are capable and trust worthy. Your inner sense has registered a reading emulating from that person’s inner Success Maker to you about their confidence level, their sense of assurance, their sense of enjoyment of life and their sensitivity level.

 The Success Maker is the inner place where our confidence resides and where we have assurance about who we are and where we are going.  It is the place from where we deal with the little voice that is always making us aware of what we are  doing and who we are.  How we conduct this inner dialog and handle the inner voice is one of the major ways we can raise the efficiency of our inner Success Maker.  Letting the inner dialogue run rampant with criticism undermining every move you make or conversation you engage in, is a sure way to slow down progress and hinder you from achieving your goals and dreams.

 Learning how to decipher the difference between valid inward criticism and idle chatter is key to learning how to use your inner  Success Maker effectively and make it a real asset in your arsenal of tools to create success and successful outcomes. One way to decipher valid criticism from idle chatter is to listen for the tone of the inner chatter and see if it makes you feel uplifted or gives you a feeling of uncertainty.  Valid criticism can be critical and at the same time be uplifting.  When it is valid criticism it lists what needs to be corrected, as well as,  providing information on how to create a situation that will take you closer to achieving your goals, or the task at hand.  Just idle chatter, criticism alone, on the other hand will  continuously tell you over and over again what is wrong and keep repeating the problem,  Another indication of whether you are receiving constructive criticism is whether what is being relayed is uplifting or discouraging. Good inward advice, generally comes with a way to take a step forward, comes with advice on how to look at things from a different angle or perspective. 

 Become more familiar with your inner Success Maker.  Learn to recognize the difference between effective criticism and idle chatter. Keep track of the times when you have relied on the advice that you received and what was the outcome.  The more you engage in the process, the more you will stand out from the crowd, the more effectively you will be able to utilized the Success Maker and achieve your goals and the outcome you are looking for.

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