Success Group; How to build relationships!

Success groups are becoming more and more important in the society that we live in and work in today.  More and more people are opting to start their own businesses or telecommuting and working from home.  Many of these people are finding that they are spending a good deal of their time without a great deal of social interaction. They lack feedback on the projects they would like to develop.

Developing new relationships that will support them is not always easy to find.  Forming br becoming a member of a Business Success Group enables you to form relationships and create a network of people that you can socialize with and learn from. It provides a circle of people that are interested in growing and progressing and provides a stimulating atmosphere to be part of.  It provides a place to feel heard and valued for your ideas and input. 

Being part of a Business Success Group increases confidence that you will be successful at work because you will be interacting with people that are listening to what you have to say. They will be connecting with you about what you are doing.  Having this feedback is especially important to people that are no longer supported by a corporate structure who may be creating a new business for the first. time. Even if you have the financial capital and the ideas to create a successful business, it becomes a lonely and difficult road to travel, if you don’t feel heard and don’t have input from others along the way.

It is important to choose a group that you feel are kindred spirits and that you look forward to interacting with on a regular basis.  It is a good idea to visit different groups several times before you commit to becoming a member. It is very likely that you will have to “try on” a few groups before you locate the group that you will want to join.

How do you find a Success Group to visit?  Success Groups can be formed around any topic or activity. 

  • look for trade groups that meet in your field
  • visit networking groups that meet regularly in your area
  • check out groups formed around a hobby or a sport you are interest in 

Most communities have a listing of the different groups that meet in your area and list the times and places that they are meeting. 

Another way to find a group to meet with is to form a group yourself and invite other people to participate.

You can start a group with as few as two or three other people that have similar interests and would like to get together on a regular basis.  To keep start up costs low and to make things easy to organize you can meet at local restaurants, a coffee shop or in someone’s home. You can hold a few meetings and see if it is a fit for the people attending. 

  • Choose people to invite that you feel would interact easily with each other, so conversation will flow easily. 
  • Choose a topic to center on at your first meeting to get things off the ground.
  • Ask the people who attend what they envision for the group. 

With these few steps you will have your Success Group up and running before you know it.

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