Success Academy; Quickest Way to the Finish Line!

               Failure to Launch – Opening New Doors -  How to turn your weaknesses into strengths


Success Academy membership is easier to acquire today then it ever has been and more and more people are enrolling!!!!


A Success Academy is comprised of any group you become part of that provides you with knowledge, education and skills to become successful.  People around the world are coming together in conference calls for Tele Seminars, and congregating on line for Webinars.  The time and place are no longer a hindrance or detriment to being able to take the courses you feel would benefit you to becoming proficient. Creating a Success Academy curriculum designed to fit your specific needs and goals is just a matter of connecting with your chosen group.

Success coaching is also readily available by phone and on line.  

You can choose a coach from any local group and be able to both see and hear each other with the technical advances that have been made. Choosing a Success Coach from another local can provide you with a fresh set of eyes that can view things from a different perspective.  This allows you to look at things from a different vantage point and pinpoint weaknesses you previously overlooked.  Simply having a different perspective about things you clarified as weaknesses can sometimes turn them into strengths.

 Working with a mentor is also an important element to creating a Success Academy curriculum.

 What are some of  the benefits of having a mentor?

1.         A mentor can draw upon their experience and background to guide you and help you avoid mistakes along the way. 

2.         A mentor can be instrumental in guiding you to the right courses, programs and teachers to select.

It is important to select a mentor that is in the field you are looking for success in.  It will make working together more enjoyable and productive if you select a person to work with that is motivated and excited about the things they are engaged in and have accomplished what you want to achieve and are excited about working with you to achieve what you want to accomplish. 

The internet is an excellent research tool in selecting a mentor and in expanding your choices of mentors to choose from.  With the technical advances that have been made you are not limited by time or location in selecting a mentor.  Busy people are often willing to mentor if they can fit it into their schedules.  Connecting on the telephone and emailing back and forth substantially expands the opportunities to connect and makes it possible for busy successful people to find time to mentor.

Create a Success School:

When you create a Success School you will learn from the best how to devise a route and plan for the quickest way for you to cross finish line. To know what are the most efficient and effective ways to achieve your goals.  Utilize the newest and best technical advances that are at your disposal to create a curriculum that best meets your needs.  Use the internet to expand your horizons for teachers, courses and materials to learn from. Choose people from a variety of places around the world to add a different flavor and different perspective to what you learn.  A Success Academy created in this manner will offer you the broadest base to learn from, and allow you  to create a firm foundation for achieving success.

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