Sub Chapter Three: Student of Success; Expectation, a Roadmap to Stellar Growth!

Everyone in a way is a Student of Success in some area of their life. We have all consciously or subconsciously enrolled in the School of Success.  We enroll when we want, desire or go after something more in life.  We become a Student of Success by looking for ways to increase our productivity; by trying to qualify for a better position, or by working and looking for ways to create a better home life. To become or continue to be a student of success will keep us fresh and current.  It is an essential factor to achieve what life has to offer you because it provides ways to continually grow and enhance our living. 

Expectation is a key element to receive an “A” on your success projects. Adding expectation to the mixture provides a keen sense of  awareness for what is available to you to work with to successfully complete your success assignments.   An attitude of expectation keeps you on the alert for landmarks that tell you that you are headed in the right direction.  The expectation that “things are working out” helps to assure us that we  are on track and going in the right direction and will achieve our desired outcome.

One of the most important factors in each student’s curriculum, as a Student of Success, is choosing the right teachers to help you learn the most effective ways to complete your success assignments.  Unlike enrolling in a college or university, when you become a student of success you have an infinite number of people to select from who can become your teacher in the different projects you undertake.  Choosing your teachers wisely is extremely important.  The right teacher can substantially catapult you forward in what you learn as well and shorten the time it takes to learn. 

Why is it important to enroll and continue to be a Student of Success?  It is important because it keeps you aware of what is going on around you and keeps you plugged in, moving forward, and staying current with what is going on.  It makes you alert to new opportunities, and possibilities so that you can improve your life and increase your satisfaction.  It provides you with an expectation that you are growing and expanding.

No matter what age, background, or financial condition you find yourself in you can become a Student of Success.  Enrollment is free and study materials are easily obtained. All it takes is a decision on your part to select a subject and determine who you would like to take your instructions from.  You may sign up for as many courses as you desire and complete the assignments at your own pace.  Expectation that you will do well will be the roadmap to stellar growth as you progress in your selected course work. 

Start today. Look around you and see what stands out as a possible candidate for your curriculum. Select your course and begin to investigate who will be the best teacher or teachers to learn the material from.  As an actively engaged  Student of Success, before you know it you will have completed your course and be on your way to expanded horizons and your best project.

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