Stepping into Success!

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Stepping Way to Success!

Stepping is a vital tool in life and business.  Lots of times when we begin, something we don’t have a plan to achieve the results we are looking for. We keep looking at the big picture and think “I don’t know how I ever will accomplish this”.  We might have the desire – and even some of the resources – but we might be stuck and not able to move forward. 

If we will just look around and think of our options, there usually is a thing or two we could do at the moment to start stepping.  Although initially these things might not be something that we want to do, deciding to take that step often winds up being a key factor in ultimately accomplishing the results we desire. This gets the ball rolling. As we keep stepping, it gets us where we are going!

Mike Dooley said “you can choose the least suckiest thing in front of you and take action, even really small baby steps, and the magic of the Universe will step out to meet you.” 

Taking steps provides you with a new prospective, engages synchronicity and take you places you did not imagine – it opens doors you might not have thought possible and introduces you to people you did not imagine meeting and working with.

Start stepping into success today. So, no matter what your pace is, fast or slow, just start stepping. Keep track of the things that happen as you take steps, and the magic that results from your willingness to start moving forward. You will be amazed when you look back at how far you have traveled and things that happened.


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