Single Parent; Where Do I Get The Encouragement to Keep Going?

Question of the Day:

I work two jobs.  I am a single and sole parent of two small children.  Where do I look for encouragement to keep on keeping on?  Some days it all just seems too much to keep going.

Bits and pieces of time, and things you do, can start to make a big difference in how you feel as well as how things work out for you and your children.  Even though you don’t have a lot of free time, taking a few minutes whenever you can to just stop, take some deep breaths and think about something pleasant and fun will give you a boost. When you take a couple of minutes before  you go to sleep at night and get out of bed in the morning to appreciate even the simplest things from your day, life will start to encourage you that there are actually good things happening.

You could also institute a reward program for you and your children; once a week recognizing things that have went well that week.  Whether the reward is for something big or small, the recognition will can bring a smile and cause you to stop and think about the something that worked well during the week.  It will be an encouragement for the coming week and something tangible to look back on and realize “we did that”.

Choose someone that might need someone in their life to offer a bit of encouragement and a lift in their spirits to keep on keeping on. Then take a few minutes during the week to provide a bit of appreciation for the things they are doing.  Send them a note, a small gift to tell them they matter and you realize how special they are.

Telling and/or doing something for someone else, that you yourself need and desire, will help you realize how much you actually have in your own life.  It will help you make friends and provide an outside source of additional strength and encouragement.

When you give to others somehow it always comes back to you in some form or fashion.

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