Setting the Stage for Success While You Sleep!

Framing Success is setting the stage for the success you would like to have. The more specific you can be about what you would like to have happen and the more invested you are in setting the stage, the more likely you will achieve what you would like to bring about. Dreams are an important part of the staging process. Specific dreams bring about specific results. By framing your success, you vividly stage what you want to transpire before you go to sleep and thus will pave the way for you to dream more specifically about the things you want to come about. This helps ou to be more engaged in their coming about.

Involving all your five senses in staging, will create pictures that are more vivid and alive. Picture scenes taking place in color, with lots of light and sound. This is more captivating and interesting and will be more likely to keep you tuned. Vivid and alive pictures are much more likely to spill over into your dream state then scenes that are less colorful and less action packed.

Emotions are an essential element of staging and framing success. The more emotionally involved you become in the action taking place in the pictures you are creating, the more real the situations will become to you. Your feelings act as an indicator telling you whether or not you believe what you have staged and created is real to you. A good feeling about what you have created is a good indicator that you believe in the viability of the events that you just created pictures for. The more vivid and alive the pictures are that you create, and the more elements the pictures contain, the more you will become invested in them. The more the believability rises, the more likely it is that you will have specific dreams and the events in the dreams will become real to you.

At some point, when your drams become alive enough to you, what you are picturing and dreaming will become so real, that you will find yourself reaching a place of inward certainty, you will know that the events are already a done deal. Your emotions, your feelings, your dreams at that point will all line up to create a certainty that what you want and desire is on its way. You will realize that you have stopped hoping that it will occur and now have an awareness, understanding and knowing that it will occur.

Make it a habit to set aside ten to fifteen minutes each evening as you are ready to fall asleep to practice framing success scenarios that you would like to see take place.
To track your progress, it is a good idea to keep a notebook by your bed to allow you to create new scenarios and capture your dreams when you awaken, and notice how closely your dreams are tracking the pictures you are creating and concentrating on before you fall asleep. Make note of how often your dreams contain scenes from the pictures you have created. Make note of when your specific dreams bring about specific results. Most of all in framing success scenarios make sure to include color, light, sound and emotion.

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