Secrets of Success; Your Hidden Assets …

Secrets to Success:  The real Secrets to Success are something we often take for granted. We don’t realize how much they account for in the success equation.  These are the hidden assets that really cement the deal, win the job, or finally get that appointment.  In achieving success it is the little things that really count. 

 When  people talk about what they have accomplished, they often point to things such as:

  • knowing what they wanted
  • being plugged into what they wanted to achieve
  • seeing the big picture
  • the value of loving what they do. 

These are often the elements that they believe kept them on track, kept them from not giving up when times got rough, and got them to the place they are today.

At first glance, these things don’t seem like they would make or brake a deal or be  among the secrets to your success.  But when we look closer, they really are.

When you are plugged into what you want to take place you become more aware of things going on around you and more quickly recognize opportunities when they occur.

These relate to what you want to achieve and you are able to take advantage of the opportunities when they occur.  Know what you want and be able to describe it. Strengthen your resolve that what you desire is possible.  It will keep you moving forward when things don’t seem like they are working out.  See the big picture and know where you are headed. Provide yourself with a picture of where you are going and give yourself a target before you, to aim for. 

The real and main hidden asset is the “you factor” that each of you demonstrate. This is the main ingredient to your Success Story. 

The “you factor” is the most potent tool for achieving any thing that you would like to accomplish and bring about. You demonstrate the “you factor” when you plug into what you want to achieve, love what you do.  This connection to yourself and consequently to others, in a real way, is the key. When you engage in this way with yourself and what you are doing, you radiate an internal confidence and passion that is contagious and draws people and opportunities to you.  This is the element you can really say is the element that is the real secret to your success.  The “you factor”.  

When you have the “you factor” consciously engaged, you are more plugged into your intuition, and can more easily determine when things fit into your plans.  In writing your own success story the “you factor” is one of the most important elements to include.


  • loving the “you factor”
  • being plugged in
  • knowing where you are headed

it is difficult to see where the target is that you are aiming for. 

Your uncertainty will be evident to others about you, and about where you are headed, and will cause them to be more hesitant to engage in your projects and the things you would like to bring about. 

When the “you factor” is operating at peak performance it is the secret to success and engages others in what you want to do.  In the final analysis “you” are the only one that can get the “you factor” operating at peak performance. The elements of what comprises the “you factor” are not the same for everyone; people’s goals and dreams and what motivates  and excites them are unique to them. Determine what the elements are to have your “you factor” operating at peak performance and you will have keyed into the Secret to Success for you.

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