The Road to Success; Traveling the “Highway to Success”

Along your travels the rhythm and rhyme of a Success Poem as it comes to mind can provide a way to soothe, encourage and assure you that you are headed in the right direction and on track during the time it takes to travel the highway of success you have created.  Creating a Success Poem before you begin your success journey will provide a concise description of where you are headed and can act as a roadmap to chart your course and keep you in sync while traveling down the road to success.   Traveling the road to success is not always a smooth carefree journey.  People often hit pot holes and bumps along the way to their destination.   It important to stay in the rhythm of your highway to success and reach your destination.

Writing a Success Poem is a fun way to create a highway to success pictures.  As you become involved in the writing, rhythm and rhyming of your Success Poem it expands your horizons for what might be possible. Without the Success Poem there are things  you might not consider as a route to get where you desire to go.

It is important to have a picture of what you want to create and the success that youwant to achieve before you begin your journey and start driving. A Success Poem can provide that picture. The Success Poem will provide a roadmap that will help you to reach your destination more quickly.  It will enable you to overcome obstacles along the way more easily because you will be able to quickly recognize when things do not seem like they are progressing in the right direction.  Writing a Success Poem detailing the project you are about to undertake will allow you to put in road signs  that will pin point the progress you have made along the way.  It can make you aware of traffic hazards and congested areas of traffic before they might occur, as you progress through your journey.

A Success Poem can be any length, and be about any project or topic.  It is important to  create a style and rhythm that most appeals to you.  You can use a fun or serious tone.  It can be short or lengthy. You can add pictures, drawings, and music to your Success Poem to make it more interesting and stimulating.   Choose a style that makes you excited and enthusiastic about the journey you are about to take.  Make sure that the Success Poem provides a sense of assurance that you can reach your destination and succeed in what you are setting out to do.

At first, you might think you are not a person that writes poetry. It’s just not your style. You might be surprised, however,  at how well it actually does suit you, once you decide to give it a try and begin to write your first Success Poem. Especially when the words begin to resonate and click with you.  So think of a success project you are interested in creating a Success Highway for then take pen in hand and give it a try.  Before you
know it you will have penned your first Success Poem and in no time at all find yourself moving quickly down the road to success

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