Project Success; Prospecting for the Kernel

Any occasion or task can be labeled Project Success, prospecting for the kernel.  The kernel or kernels that we are generally looking for is the thing or things that will make the process come together and work out the way we would like them to.  The question is how do we locate the kernel, the ingredients, the solutions that will make everything work and succeed?

 Like many other people, and for as long as I can remember, the way I solved a problem or found a solution was first to analyze the problem by looking  at things from all sides and then try to come up with a solution. Finding the right way to go, or the right thing to do, was the key to a successful solution.  However, often after coming to a decision, I would ignore my feelings, and just go for the finish line,  Then one day I discovered my inner Geiger counter.  What a difference a sensing device can make.

 When particles are tested to see if they are radioactive, a Geiger counter is used. When people test to see if the ideas, and solutions they have thought about are the kernel to make the process work they also have an inner Geiger counter they can rely on.  Their inner Geiger Counter is their emotions, what they feel in the pit of their stomach.  Some call it their gut feeling about a situation.  Our emotions interact our ideas to let us know whether something is going in the right direction on not.  The better we feel the closer we are to identifying the kernel or kernels that lead us to a successful and satisfactory outcome.  The further away we get from positive ingredients the worse we tend to feel.

 We can use the analogy of the game “Red Light, Green Light”.  When we feel a more positive feeling it is like having a green light to move forward, however, when we sense  hesitation, or feel a sense of foreboding it is similar to a red light and indicates we should either stop and re-evaluate or proceed with extreme caution. 

Your Geiger counter is always turned on, never runs out of batteries and always provides accurate readings. Once you understand the operating instructions detailing how to read the emotional output gauges and you begin to more heavily rely on the readings, you will have found the process to locate the kernel, the missing ingredient. You will then see successes occurring more easily and you will be completing Project Success in more rapid succession. 

There are other benefits realized from applying your inner Geiger Counter to your decision making process. Your head will begin to more easily recognize the value of what your emotions bring to the excavation process in mining for the kernels for Project Success. Feeling good about the direction you are going, feeling good about what you are about to do, will become a major component in how you arrive at what you engage in.  So my advice is, begin today to learn how to read your inner Geiger Counter and before you know it you will become a pro.  You will find your head, your heart and emotions lining up on a more consistent basis to provide you with outlines and directions to complete your Project Success in a more effective manner.

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