Paid Well! Do I consider Head and/or Heart When Deciding to Change Careers?

Question of the Day:

I struggle with my career.   I get paid well, and went to graduate school for a number of years to pursue my education to do what I do; yet I don’t feel I fit in.  Do I follow my head or heart in choosing whether to pursue something else?  Everyone tells me giving up my career should not be an option.

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.” -Audre Lorde

Most people might say, especially in these times, the only wise thing is to follow your head.  If you don’t, you will look back and really regret your decisions later.  Others might say, as Lorde did, that ignoring one’s feelings resigns a person to a life of less than their dreams tell them is possible. Actually it’s probably a combination of Head  and/or Heart?the head and the heart.

To decide what would be the best decision for you, analyze on paper the pros and cons of staying or leaving . Sometimes when we see things on paper, what to do becomes clearer.   If you decide leaving is best, investigate whether it is your career choice or the atmosphere you are presently working in that is the issue, and not your profession.  If you decide it is the atmosphere, deciding to change firms might provide you with better feelings about what you do.

In the long run you are the only that can determine if giving yourself the best chance of feeling good about what you do, and being compensated well for your efforts, will be the right choice for you.

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