Opening Channels to Unlimited Potential!

Creating a blue print for expansion

Your personal definition of Success in Business is a major factor to your future accomplishments.  Success is a feeling as much as an accomplishment.  If you don’t  feel successful no matter how much you accomplish you can still feel unsuccessful  and defeated.  For example, no matter how much money their business makes one person may not feel successful because they feel they are not making a difference in the world and other people’s lives.  On the other hand, another person may feel that even though they are making an impact and inroads in changing communities for the better they are not financially satisfied and there is something missing in their endeavors.  Both these people, in many people’s eyes, may be considered pillars of their community and extremely successful, but because of how they each define success they would not consider themselves a Success in Business.

How does each one of us open the channels to our unlimited potential and create a personal blue print for expansion.  First of all by knowing what is meaningful and important to you.  When do you feel a sense of accomplishment?  Is it when your business can contribute to a better world, is it when your business does tremendously well financially, or is it a combination of both?  Which ever it is, it is important to know
what Success in Business means to you so you will know the target that you are shooting for. You need to know when you hit a bulls eye.

When you feel successful you open the doors to your unlimited potential because you recognize what you are looking for.  You know when opportunities present
themselves whether they are a fit or not because you know the criteria you are evaluating them by.  You can create a personal blue print for expansion because you know the direction you want things to expand in.  So the most important thing to do is set aside some time and determine what Success in Business means to
you personally, to your business and staff and make sure you are all on the same page.

Determine what your niche is and the market that you best serve.  Determine what you find the most interesting in your business. Who do you like dealing with the most or the least?  What do you feel you have the most expertise in? Are you a detail person, or are you a big picture person?  After you have gathered this all together see if this matches up with what you are presently doing.  If this is not what you are presently doing, spend some time determining what changes need to be made so you are applying your energy to what you enjoy and are best suited for.

Taking the opportunity to know what Success in Business means to you personally and taking the time to determine what your niche is, will provide a vision for the future that you will be excited about and want to participate in.  It will expand your boundaries so you can see what is possible. You will know with certainty what Success in Business target you are aiming for.

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