How Do I Motivate Myself To Do A Good Job?

Question of the Day:

I am struggling with my job, how do I motivate myself to do a good job?

The question to ask yourself is whether you need more motivation to revive you enthusiasm for your present job or is it best to start looking for another opportunity.  Being happy at work affects everything you do.

If the answer is you want to continue with your present position think about what motivated you initially when you first started working there and what has changed and dampened your enthusiasm now.  Look at things and see if this is a temporary low or if it something that continues to cause you to feel reluctant to go to work every day.

If it is a temporary low, try to find some things inside and outside work to encourage you along the way until the situation rectifies itself.  If it is something that is ongoing; determine if you are the one to rectify the situation. If you are the person, start thinking of small steps you can take that can ultimately make a difference.

If you find that it is a bigger project and requires input on issues outside your realm of influence to bring about change; form a group of concerned workers. Form a discussion group and talk about what are some changes that the group could institute or encourage and how to actually implement those changes that would engender more connection and enthusiasm.

To keep yourself motivated on a daily basis read books, go to movies, listen to music that stirs your spirit and encourages you that no matter what it might look and feel like things are actually moving forward and going in a good direction.

This will encourage your soul and create more enthusiasm, not only for work but for everything you do.

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