Looking for Possibilities in Your Day

We are use to seeing what we see. So when we get up in the morning and start our day we experience and envision what we are accustomed to.

Bird in fliight!

Photo credit: Montgomery, Cherice.

We choose our schedule and possibility of experiences and solutions according to what we are familiar with and think its possible according to what we believe is available to us. Yet, there is actually so much that is possible, if we will only look beyond the obvious and begin to become aware of the “infinituis” possibilities that are waiting for us to discover them.

To change our landscape, our lives, takes looking beyond the visible, the material to capture the essence of what we desire..

The pathway to making our dreams a reality can come about by starting the day by listening to a song or a melody that makes you smile for a few minutes. Or waking up by doing a few luxurious stretches. By doing anything when you first wake up, that will take you to a place of enjoyment. Going to a place where you can see beyond the obvious. Once you are in the stratosphere for a few minutes you can change your frequency and have a bit of a new perspective; and possibilities begin to pop out at you.

The neat thing is if you give yourself that five minutes when you first wake
up, the rest of your day will be more magical and serendipitous.

So begin now and let us know about the bits of magic that unfolds…

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