Limitless Field of Possibilities; Harvest the Crop of Your Dreams

We each set up our own internal Success University curriculum when we attempt to succeed at anything we want to accomplish, whether it be in life, love, or work.  It is similar to taking an independent self study course at a local university.  First you choose how you will go about the assignment at hand, then you draw on your experience.  You then begin looking for books, mentors, movies, and anything else that might help you complete the assignment at hand successfully.

Two tools that are not utilized enough and should seriously be included in your list of resources are “imagination” and the “field of limitless possibilities”. Employing these resources will take you beyond the realm of the obvious and allow your mind to think outside what is obvious, thus creating unique results.  Einstein said “Imagination is more important then knowledge.”  Your imagination is like a blackboard, a camera, and a movie projector all rolled into one as you sketch and film snap different pictures of successes and plug them back into your imagination.  You can draw and review your plans in your imagination and lay them out in full color and see how they might work without ever renting one piece of equipment. 

The other invaluable resource to utilize is the “field of unlimited possibilities” which is similar to a tasting banquet where multiple choices are laid out for each course for you  choose and sample before making your final selections.  The field of limitless possibilities allows you to taste and sample multiple possibilities and try one scenario after another in your mind to see how they might work out without spending a dime on models or materials.

 To enhance the effectiveness of your Success University curriculum it would be good to set aside a certain time of the day when you will apply your imagination to your current Success Project.   Set up a space where you feel comfortable and won’t be distracted.  Place a tablet and pencil or pen on the table by the chair.  Turn on some background music, set the lights low and sit in a relaxing chair as you begin to relax.  Picture in your mind a serene place where you can visualize yourself stress free, and contented.  It might be outside beside a pond, or sitting at the base of a hill or a mountain. As you lean back and breathe deeply, allow your self to enter the “field of limitless possibilities” and allow yourself to engage in the “what ifs”, “might be”, “could it be”.  until you feel a sense of satisfaction that you have explored the realm of all possibilities for the moment.  Slowly open your eyes and take several deep breaths.  Once you feel centered, take the tablet and pen that you set by your chair and write down any thing you might want to remember from your imaginative journey into the infinite “field of limitless possibilities”.  Set aside twenty or thirty minutes, three or four days a week while you are working on a Success University project to provide enough material to work with so you may achieve your desired outcome for the project.

 Applying these processes in your Success University curriculum insures that the results you achieve.  using these resources, will bring unique solutions to your dreams.

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