Law of Success; Enjoyment – The Real Lubricant for Negotiations!

An essential ingredient of the Law of Success is enjoyment.  Enjoyment is the real lubricant of a successful negotiation. When people are happy, they are more open and accommodating and willing to join together to create win, win situations.

The Law of Success, the Law of Attraction states that “like” attracts “like”.  Happy satisfied people are more likely to attract happy satisfied people into their lives and businesses.  People gravitate to them because they want to be around them.  How much nicer is it to attract people and situations into your business and life that are amicable and enjoyable to be around and work with.

In the past, fun and enjoyment were looked at as part of the soft sciences, “touchy feely” and not really elements that affect the bottom line.

However, this is changing.  Although enjoyment and fun are not listed in the skills set required for the positions advertised, they are actually two of the most important elements in determining promotions, perks, and bonuses. With the popularity of the “Secret” and the Law of Attraction people are more openly discussing and considering the importance of these elements in achieving success.   If there are two people competing for the same position with the same skills, the person that is confident and more enjoyable to interact with will generally be the one chosen for the position.

The key to success is enjoying what you do.  It is important to choose things in business and life that really click with you and you are passionate about being involved because how you really feel about what you do is advertised to the world by how much you appear to be enjoying and having fun at what you do.  Having fun and enjoying what you do does not mean that you go around with a grin on your face all the time.  It means that
you have a heartfelt sense of enjoyment and satisfaction about what you are engaged in and that you enjoy the interaction that comes about through your involvement in what you are doing.

I previously placed a high priority on diligence and education and thought they were the essential elements that would ensure my success.

Over time I came to find out that you can do all the right things and learn the right things to move up the success ladder and yet have the most important pieces missing..

I realized that I was lacking the enjoyment and fun in what I was doing and not keeping myself excited and plugged in.  Even though I was successful, I was finding it harder and harder to get up in the morning and go to the office. What I realized was that fun and enjoyment are essential elements in choosing what I do and deciding what I choose to engage in.  Today I make them a necessary component of anything I undertake.

In applying the Law of Success to your life, make sure that the things that you choose to negotiate really click with you, that you are passionate about engaging in them, and make sure to include enjoyment and fun as  necessary ingredients of your final choices.

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