What Are The Most Important Things In Getting People To Buy???

Question of the Day:

I am not a sales person, but love the products I have been using for the past few years and have decided to market them.  What do you think are the most important things in getting people to buy products from me?


I would say number one is passion and loving what you do and sell.  You have used and love the products which will come across when you talk to people.   I would say next, making a connection with the people you are interacting with and listening to really hear what they are looking for and what they are about.

Forming relationships with the people that you are talking to will cause them to want to buy from you.  They might not buy right away, but over time you will find them returning to purchase items from you. They will find themselves talking to their friends and family about the great experience they had interacting with you and encouraging them to contact you and use your services.

Most times people will purchase products from you because of who you are to them and the interaction you have had with them.  The “you factor” is a major factor in why two people selling the same products; one person becoming a real success and the other person is just barely getting a few sales.

When people feel valued and heard it causes them to want to know what you are about and really hear what you are offering.  Providing examples of how you and others have actually benefited from using your products causes people to want to experience the results that others have received.

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