How to Succeed; Filling your Tank with Fuel to go the Distance!

The secret to success is a recipe which is comprised of ingredients, or key elements which when combined and applied become detailed plans on how to succeed.  Filling your tank with the right fuel to go the distance is a major component in insuring that you will not only go the distance but will finish the course.  Passion is an essential ingredient of the right fuel you need to put into your tank.  Without passion it is hard to generate excitement about the tasks or projects you are engaged.   In the planning stages of any endeavor it is important to determine how enthused you are about what you plan to  undertake. 

 A sure sign that your passion level is not “high on the scale” is when you see everyone around you cheering you on to begin an endeavor, but for some reason., you find yourself hanging back, reluctant to go forward.  Many people at this point plug into the passion being generated around them and decide this must be right, otherwise “why would all these people be so sure it is”?  Sadly, many people have found when they take this approach, instead of filling their tanks with the right fuel they have begun to drain the tank.  They find themselves slowly filling their tanks with the “I am not sures” and “is this right” and as time goes by they find their tanks slowly being drained of any passion they might have mustered along the way. Ultimately many then find themselves on the side of the road completely out of gas. The project is derailed, or on hold and the people that were originally so enthusiastic are now nowhere to be found.

 To insure that you do not find yourself running out of  gas and that your tank has enough fuel to go the distance, make a determination from the beginning as to whether or not  you are really excited and plugged into the endeavors you are  thinking about getting involved in.  On a scale of one to ten, ten being the most passionate, rate your sense of enthusiasm for the proposed endeavor.  Ask yourself: is this is something that I see myself waking up to each day and looking forward to doing?  If not, this is definitely a “red flag” that this is not the project or place to spend your energies. Try to determine whether you feel more relieved to scrap the whole idea and not become involved at all, or whether it seems appealing to be engaged in some manner, but perhaps not take the whole thing on.

 A key ingredient of learning how to succeed is determining “what you really feel passionate about”.  What things are you enthusiastic about and don’t hesitate to get involved in?  A secret to success is making sure elements that you deem essential are present when you undertake a new endeavor.  You are really the final authority on whether anything meets your guidelines, so make sure you take the time to determine how you really feel.

 It is nice to have confirmation from others, but their assurances without your inward certainty will not give you enough fuel to complete the endeavor. Actually it might in the long run wind up draining your tank and leaving you stranded.  Although others input is important, in how to succeed, the real secret to personal success ultimately comes down to how much passion you really have to go the distance.

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