Seen but Hidden

Seen but Hidden drawing by Sarah Klein-Tower

“Seen by Hidden” by Sarah Klein-Tower

What we wear, do, occupation can appear to be our identity.  When people think of us they see in their minds eye the person who  is a hip dresser, a doctor, a relative, an artist, the person who has tattoos. They categorize us in their minds eye according to their description of what this means to them, their perception of what they perceive that to mean.  We are seen by them, but much of who we truly are is actually hidden from them.

We even think of ourselves in the same light. We see ourselves as a mother, a father, a sister, a brother, a runner, what we wear, what we do, whether we are well or have issues. This appears to us to be our identity and often how we think of ourselves and see ourselves.  When we think of ourselves we see ourselves in light of many of these things that only actually describe the picture we are allowing to be shown, even to ourselves — keeping hidden and failing to identify who we really are.  We are seen but actually hidden.  Some people are hidden to more degrees than others.

Why is it important to be seen? Because when we are really seen and known, especially to ourselves, we feel valued, heard, and understood; which provides a foundation and ability to know and create the life we love living.

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