Getting to Best !!!

Getting to best often involves a number of attempts at getting to ok.  Wanting to be at best can sometimes mask how far we have come and how close we are to where we want to go

It is easier to see what remains to do, to accomplish, then it is to see how far we have traveled.

One of the reasons is that “to do” has something to attain whereas accomplishments are complete and don’t have a task attached. They don’t provide something to set their minds and hands to.

For doers being still and not having tasks to do makes them feel they are failing to achieve what they set out to bring about.   This causes them to over think whether they are actually going anywhere and that their perceived progress is a myth of their imagination.  This is actually a good point for them to take stock of everything and see what they can do to make them feel like they have some control and input in achieving what they want to happen.

Whether a small or large task, having  something  to set their hand to will allow  them to have a feeling of going forward. It will provide a sense of moving forward in  pursuit of their desired outcomes.  The task can be as simple as writing a list of what needs to take place or as involved as traveling to another country to interview perspective associates.

The key in getting form okness to best and accomplished results is to have a feeling of moving forward.  Creating tasks provides a great tool to create the continued momentum to accomplish what they desire to bring about.



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