Free Resources For Change!!!

Ideas are a free resource for creating change. The basis for prosperity, change, and moving forward are good ideas.  Napoleon Hill said, “Ideas are the beginning of all fortune.”  Ideas give  us a  picture of what can be.

Starting an idea journal is a good way to decide which ideas have merit and are worth taking action on.  Take the time to write the ideas down that come to you. Once a week or so review the ideas you have come up  with and see which one if any  you would like to develop.  Every few months or so go back over you entries and see if any of the ideas you passed over now seem worth paying more attention to.  If so, add them to the ideas you will actively work on.

Once you have some ideas you decide to pursue determine what action you can take to begin bringing  your ideas to life.  The more you engage in this process the more ideas, resources and action steps will become apparent to you.














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