Financial Success; Mining for Abundance

Financial Success is really a state of mind as well as accounting for a persons financial status.  One person may have millions in the bank and still feel unsuccessful financially while another person may have a few thousand dollars in the bank and feel they are on top of the world. So the first step in mining for abundance is to decide what financial abundance would look like when you have achieved it.  Some may find that when they sit down to determine what financial abundance looks like for them,

they are already far along in achieving their goals for financial success.  Others

may realize they don’t really have a clear idea of what financial abundance means to them.

It is important to have a plan in place for mining for your abundance and how also you will maintain your being financial success once you obtain your goal.  Some questions to answer in creating a plan are; how long do you plan to take to become financially successful?  Will you be able to achieve your goals working at your present occupation?  Are you interested in being involved in projects that will create passive income that would allow you to be engaged in other projects while you are pursuing your financial abundance?  Who will you work with to achieve your goals?  Are you confident that your goals are achievable?  Do you really believe it is possible to have what you desire?  What will you do, once you realize the financial success you are aiming for; will you retire, or continue to work?

It is important to be realistic as well as optimistic in the process of achieving your financial success.  Your realistic attitude will keep you on track and moving forward and help you believe.  Your optimistic attitude will keep you moving forward when you hit rough spots along the way.  An optimistic perspective will keep you going when it does not look like things are going the way you planned they should, and you want to give up.  A combination of  realistic and optimistic attitudes are necessary to reach your abundance goals.. A realistic attitude will keep you centered on the task at hand and an optimistic attitude will help you to see things in a more encouraging light and believe that you are accomplishing what you set out to do.

Make sure to enjoy the process along the way when achieving your financial success. Enjoyment makes the tasks you do to accomplish your goals seem easier and seem like they take a shorter time to accomplish.   It important to choose things to engage in to achieve your financial successes that are appealing and engaging to both your head and your heart..  When both your head and heart are engaged you will find laughter and satisfaction are frequent companions and things are accomplished more quickly.

In assessing your progress look at the progress you have made from your starting place; not from the perspective of how far you still have to go.  If you look at the road to financial success from the perspective of how far you have come the road that you still have to travel will quickly grow shorter and shorter and you will become more optimistic as you look at the things that you have accomplished.

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