Failure to Thrive; It’s Not How Many Times you Fail!

Failure to thrive is more about attitude perspective then about the actual events that take place.  It is not how many times you fail, but how quickly you rebound and keep moving forward toward your goals.  When you fail at something and things are not working out you have a few choices, you can either look at the failure as a stepping stone,  learn from your mistakes or become despondent and abandon your goals and desires and stop moving forward.


Failure to succeed is:

  • tackling what you want to accomplish
  • taking the steps to move forward
  •  not getting the results you were looking for
  • learning what does not work 

It is going for a drive and turning down the wrong street and not locating the address you were looking for on your first attempt.    

 Failure to launch, however, is never getting off the ground.

It is like sitting at home and dreaming about getting into your car and envisioning finding the right street, but never picking up your car keys and setting off to locate the destination you are looking for..  Failure to launch will never get you where you want to go no matter how hard you try to envision locating that street. If you don’t put the key in the ignition of your car and actually go find the street you are looking for you cannot succeed.  By taking action to do what you want to achieve even if you fail to succeed, it provides you with the advantage of already being in the vicinity, learning from your mistakes. You are already in the car and on your way and can just back up and turn around and go in the right direction to locate the street.

Fear of failure incapacitates many people from moving forward and attempting what they would like to do in life.

Your fear of what  could happen if you move in the directions of your goals can actually keep you stuck.  It prevents you from taking advantage of new opportunities and opening new doors. If, on the other, you will actually overcome your fear of failure and take steps to succeed, even if you do fail at first, then what you thought might happen will be much less incapacitating then the frozen state of fear that insures your failure. It is much better to move forward with your goals and dreams then to stay stuck in a frozen state of inactivity. 

It is better to learn from your mistakes and do better the next time then to stay stuck in a state of fear of failure.

Success and failure have a lot in common and you can derive tremendous benefits from both outcomes.  When you actually begin to takes steps toward your goals and desires, but don’t at first succeed, by simply making the attempt you will gather information that can benefit you in the future.  When you succeed you can look back on what it took to achieve your success, how you learned from your mistakes along the way and savor the fact that you did not give up and that you turned failure into success. 



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