Early and Late Success; The Unique Edge!

Early and late success are both elements that contribute to building strong foundations of success in life and business.  

Early success provides the proof  that a person has the ability to compete and win.  Late success shows that they have the ability to go the distance and stay in the race until they overcome.  Both achieving early and late success can provide a unique edge.  Early success provides the confidence  to know when they are headed in the right direction to surpass their competition.  Late success demonstrates that they know how to stay in the race and not count themselves out too early or drop out of the race too soon.  Becoming a successful competitor in life and business requires many of the same skills that it takes to win a racing competition. 

 During a competition, early success is not necessarily an indication thatthe person will ultimately win the race. 

Take for instance the race between the turtle and the rabbit.  The turtle was slow to take off and the rabbit looked like a sure winner, but in the end the turtle won the race.  Why? Because the turtle stayed focused and kept going and didn’t let the things around him distract him from the goal of getting to the finish line.  If the turtle had judged his chances of winning by what was going on around him, he might have given up.  Instead the turtle kept his eyes focused on the finish line, on the prize at the end of the race, crossing the finish line first. How do you accomplish that?

  • by going the distance 
  • staying in the competition
  • by continuing to compete until you either cross the finish line or reach a point that you know that it is time to take a new direction

When you run the race in this manner, it allows you to walk away from the race knowing you gave it your best and there are no regrets and you have the confidence to compete again later. 

For a late success victory, staying focused and enthused about your chances of winning a race, a contest are two of the most important factors.  Staying focused and enthused allows you to keep your pace sure and steady as you confidently move toward the finish line. It keeps your energy level strong to make the final dash and win the trophy as the people behind you run out of steam.

When entering later competitions reviewing successes to provide a real advantage.  It will point out any weaknesses that might have caused you to stumble in the past and provide the chance to devise a way to overcome those things in the future.  Reviewing early successes as you prepare to enter a race will point out your strengths. It is a  confidence builder concerning the resources that are available to you to draw upon in formulating a strategy for moving to the head of the pack and winning the race you are about to compete in,.

Whether it is in life, business, or a race that you are looking for a victory, remember the rabbit was destined to win the race, but in the end the turtle crossed the finish line first. Even though early success is important, its not always an indicator of who will ultimately win.

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