Definition of Success: Choosing a Winning Team

Winning Team

Together we can..........!

Define success and we find out the direction we are headed.

We have created a clear target to aim for and a clear bulls eye to hit. Defining success is a process that entails evaluating the meaning of success in a number of different areas; the meaning of internal and external success, the meaning of success in business and in life.  Once we have determined what the individual components of success are to us, then we can determine what the definition of what overall success looks like.

The meaning of success can be defined in many ways.  Success is an individual thing and means different things to different people, success can be a different thing to the person themselves at different times and under different circumstances. It is important to keep current with our definitions of success and be sure to update and re evaluate our definitions if we feel they are stale and no longer fresh and current with our present circumstances and where we are at the moment.

Once we have concluded what our individual definition of success is:

  • we can begin to look for people of like mind
  • create a team of people that share our ideas and values around the direction we are headed in

Do your homework when deciding what you desire from the people you choose to be on your team.

When choosing team members it is important to consider

ourselves a charter member of the team we form!

We know ourselves the best.  It is important to retain individual perspective about the advice received from other team members about target and the direction we have chosen to travel.  Though the team will have good advice to offer to make things run more smoothly, it is important to remember in the final analysis that we are the people that will have to live with the final outcome of what happens and what we choose to do.

Select your team members carefully:

It is essential to have open communication and for the team members to find it easy to talk to each other.  Continue to evaluate on a regular basis whether the team continues to be a benefit and continue to produce the support the team was initially formed to provide.  If the team is not clicking in order, to keep forward momentum, make a determination if the team wants to continue the way it is going or be re evaluated and look at whether they should continue to meet or disband.

Support teams can be an important part of our success.

  • They provide companionship
  • encouragement
  • a sounding board to bring our goals to life.

To create a winning team it first requires knowing what your desired outcome for the team looks like and having a personal definition of success defined.

Definition of success is a necessary ingredient in the recipe for success!  It defines the type of foundation that will be built to build future successes upon.  It determines the materials used to build and the people that are right to do the building.  Spend the time and do the research necessary to determine what the meaning of success is. The rewards will be well worth the time spent. Define the element of success and what overall success means. Once the meaning of success is complete the package will be put together. The foundation has been created, and construction on the building has begun and the success skyscraper is rising up.




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