How To Make Your Cubicle Feel Open And Airy!!!

Question of the Day?

Any tips on getting sunlight and fresh air for someone who is climbing the corporate ladder inside of a high rise?

Taking a part of your lunch hour to be outside would give you the chance to get sunlight and fresh air.  Taking a short break outside during the day to get some fresh air would also help.  Jogging before work or walking to work could be invigorating as well as providing a chance to do deep breathing outside as you start your day. Take the opportunity, when you attend outside meetings, to choose transportation that provides a chance to get sunlight and fresh air.  Keep a pair of tennis shoes in your desk drawer, so if the opportunity arises to walk to a meeting instead of riding, you are prepared.

Adding a couple of plants and nature pictures could provide a feeling of being in nature and provide a feeling of being outdoors.  Making your cubicle feel open and airy could also decrease your sense of being in a sterile office setting.






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