How Can Creativity At Work Lead To Great Profits?

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Companies like Google, Zappos, Microsoft think creativity and innovation are so important that they build the process into their work model. Creativity is the basis for forward movement. Yet more and more people are finding less time to be creative at work. More pressure to have things done more quickly, and slimmer work forces create time crunches that make it seem impossible to take time out to allow creativity to take place and flow and yet is it a necessity to do so for future progress and satisfaction with what is produced.

How do we find time; what can be done to be more innovative and creative at work?

Ideas to add creativity to the work place:

  • Place a higher value on innovation and creativity at work
  • Recognize  it as bottom line enhancer and treat it      accordingly by making time in the work day for it
  • Make it a Company policy that periodically people must take vacation time to regroup
  • Bring people together to share ideas and provide a sounding board for collaboration
  • Create an innovation and creativity budget so new ideas can be implemented

By implementing these ideas, you will find that creativity ideas will not only be a profit enhancer, but also a morale booster.  It can create not only a more productive work environment but also a happier atmosphere to work in.


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