How to create effortless growth, and freedom – Turning Work into Play

Creating a recipe for success is a way to turn your work into play. Devise a plan that includes time to smell the flowers along the way.  Devise a plan for success that has the sweetness of a recipe for a batch of delicious cookies. Creating a great recipe for a wonderful dessert is similar in many ways to creating a plan for success that when followed creates the most delicious feeling of accomplishment. 

To insure that your recipes are flavorful, make sure to include enough spices in the recipe so that the final presentation is flavorful and exciting. Use enough liquids, (flexibility) in the recipe (plan), to insure that the final product is flexible and soft enough to allow for effortless growth.  The recipe should contain a few alternative toppings to allow freedom to choose what fits your particular style and pallet any the time. 

Whether creating recipes for success or baked goods it is important to make sure that people personalize the recipe to reflect their personality and taste.  If you are adapting other people’s recipes, it is essential to make sure the final presentation will be enticing and tasteful, to you, when it comes out of the oven and is ready to present.  Whether you decide to create a recipe from scratch or to adapt someone else’s recipe it is important to make sure the recipe has your personal stamp on the ingredients that you choose to use.    

 Creating an annual recipe for success will keep you up to date and current with new ingredients, flavors and products or come out on the market.

New ideas arise all the time this will  provide more efficient ways to accomplish your tasks.  It will provide the opportunity to review how you create your creations and provide the chance to try something new and keep you up to date and current with what is taking place in the market place.

While the recipe is cooking make sure to keep an eye on the oven to make sure your dish, (plan) does not over cook. You don’t want the dish to taste tough and overcooked when your guests take their first bite, and the plan is revealed for the first time. Make sure to allow ample time for tasting and testing the finished dish.

The final results come when  you make your formal presentation to your guests, your fellow associates. You want to make sure the flavor meets your standards and there are no final touches that need to be complete before you serve your guests or reveal you presentation for the first time.  There is nothing quite like taking your first bite of a warm gooey cookie baked to perfection or, the sizzle in the air from a great plan revealed for the first time. 

The presentation is as important as the dish. When the plan is presented it is the first visual thing that captures the eye of the person it is being served or presented to.   The visual effect of your presentation and display is the first thing that represents your handiwork. Choose the prettiest plate, the best paper, the best color to display your handiwork.  The presentation will act as a backdrop and aid in assuring that your dish, (plan) is well received. 

Take the time to create a well thought out and written recipe for success, then present your creation in the best manner. This will provide you with a firm foundation to build your future successes upon.

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