Coworker’s Negativity Ruining Atmosphere; How Do I Move Forward?

Question of the Day:

I have a coworker that is extremely negative to be around.  It is ruining the way I feel about my job.  Any suggestions on how to move forward?

The first thing to look at is, how much of your work day do you actually interact with your coworker on a one-on-one basis.  If it is a minimal amount of time you could fortify yourself before and after you meet by intentionally being around people that are more uplifting and supportive.  Reading and listening to insightful and inspiring books and audios could provide you with a reserve that you could draw on whenever the need a rises.

If, however, the coworker is someone you interact with and work with on a continuous basis, more fortification would be called for.  Being prepared is key to creating a better working atmosphere for yourself. Using your breaks as an opportunity to reconnect with something positive by deep breathing for a few minutes, thinking of something pleasant that brings a smile to your face, or just taking a few minutes to walk around and observing nature could break the continuous barrage of negativity.

Meeting with a group of fun, positive coworkers for lunch a couple times a week could act as a beacon of inspiration and encouragement to infuse your week with some enjoyment. Concentrating on something else for even a few minutes at different points during the day could substantially decrease the effect of the negativity on your work day.

I once had a situation where I was surrounded by negativity from the minute I got to work until the time I left.  I was in a position where I could listen to motivating speakers, part of the day, while I worked.  It provided an oasis that helped not only with work situations but also in so many other situations I later encountered.

Looking at your overall work environment and infusing as much positive reinforcement into your day will both ultimately change the atmosphere around you and act as shield to protect you from any residue of negativity that might seep through.

Check out notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley.  A great way to start the morning.

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