Shall We Dance Through Life

by Sarah Klein-Tower

Sarah Klein Tower, JD, PhD
“Remember the Magic!”

Shall We Dance Through Life
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Shall We Dance Through Life is a book that teaches about Possibility Living, illustrating and revealing tools to make dreams come true and make goals a reality.

With a dash of this and a pinch of that, you can add passion and magic to life.  Read along to create and design a blueprint for a life pattern that fits your exact life requirements.



Possibility Soup

Put in a large dash of Hope
Add some Expectation
Stir around with a spoon of Dreams
Add a couple of cups of Enjoyment
Add an ample serving of the spices of Passion and Desire
Let simmer in the oven of Synchronicity
Bake until all the ingredients combine to optimum temperature
Take out and eat warm with a generous
serving of the Cream of Happiness



I have known Sarah for many years now and have found that she is a woman that practices what she speaks and writes. Conversations with Sarah are motivational and inspiring and in reading her book I quickly realized that she had found a way to transfer those qualities into her writing.

I gained much from reading her book and use many of the techniques she has taught me to help me stay focused on the goals I have set for my life.  Sarah is a “sunbeam” that helps us all to be more aware of our own uniqueness and the gifts that make each of us special.”
~  Margaret Comeau


Sarah’s book is insightful and fun.  Her love of life and infinite possibilities really shine through.  Dance, dance, dance!
~ Sam Brown


Sarah’s words dance in your mind and form possibilities that awit your creation and movement.  Open this book and taste the delicious uniqueness.  Look inside and decorate life the way you know is right.  Sarah is about connecting, listening, dreaming, believing, and creating.  For me, knowing Sarah is a festival.
~ Lois M Emerson
Friend and Kindred Spirit

Sarah Klein-Tower's quote about her book

A quote about Sarah Klein-Tower's book

A quote about Sarah Klein-Tower's Book


Shall We Dance Through Life, by Sarah Klein-Tower
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I am a Collaborator, Motivator, Success Coach and Team player, and I fulfill my Entrepreneurial Drive by offering a great service that enriches the lives of others.

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