Stuck And Wanting To Move Forward At Work!!!


Question of the day:

I feel limited in my options for change, which makes it hard for me to move forward and make plans for the future.  Stuck and looking for ideas on how to move forward???

 George Bernard Shaw said, “Imagination is the beginning of creation.  You imagine what you desire.  You will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will.”

Your imagination is a great place to begin to create your roadmap for your future. There are no road blocks or stop signs in your imagination.  You could start by thinking about what you would do if anything were possible and begin to create and make plans from that perspective.  Create using all of your five senses so the pictures you are painting on your imagination tablet excite and motivate you.  This will act as a stimulus to get you thinking about possibilities for the future and generate ideas that you can act on that will begin to get you unstuck and moving forward.



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Paid Well! Do I consider Head and/or Heart When Deciding to Change Careers?

Question of the Day:

I struggle with my career.   I get paid well, and went to graduate school for a number of years to pursue my education to do what I do; yet I don’t feel I fit in.  Do I follow my head or heart in choosing whether to pursue something else?  Everyone tells me giving up my career should not be an option.

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.” -Audre Lorde

Most people might say, especially in these times, the only wise thing is to follow your head.  If you don’t, you will look back and really regret your decisions later.  Others might say, as Lorde did, that ignoring one’s feelings resigns a person to a life of less than their dreams tell them is possible. Actually it’s probably a combination of Head  and/or Heart?the head and the heart.

To decide what would be the best decision for you, analyze on paper the pros and cons of staying or leaving . Sometimes when we see things on paper, what to do becomes clearer.   If you decide leaving is best, investigate whether it is your career choice or the atmosphere you are presently working in that is the issue, and not your profession.  If you decide it is the atmosphere, deciding to change firms might provide you with better feelings about what you do.

In the long run you are the only that can determine if giving yourself the best chance of feeling good about what you do, and being compensated well for your efforts, will be the right choice for you.

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How Can I Create Happiness At Work???

Question of the Day:

I look around and things don’t seem to change, and it makes me unhappy. What can I do to feel happier about my work environment?

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect.  It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”1

To look beyond the imperfections will allow you to start seeing ways that things can change.  It will provide ideas that can take you out of your current dissatisfaction with your present environment. When you concentrate on what is wrong it tends to cloud everything else that you experience.

To start changing things, decide every day for a week that when you first get to your desk to write down five things that would be uplifting to experience that day.  It will break the pattern of the cloud of unhappiness engulfing as you start your day.  At night for a week review your day and see how many of those things you thought of that morning actually came about.  You will be pleasantly surprised to find that some of those events begin appearing in your day.

Beginning to change the unhappiness cycle at work will give you confidence that things can and do change when you change your attention and focus.


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Failure Provides the Blueprint for Success!!!

One of the BEST Motivational Videos I’ve ever seen

Along the way of  achieving our goals we often find road blocks and failure.  Some use these things as obstacles that can’t be overcome and give up. They give up on their dreams.  Others like Thomas Edison choose to see road blocks and failure as stepping stones to success.  Edison continued on and changed the world. Can your imagine our world without Edison’s invention?

The goals inside you, your dreams, big or small, can make a difference, and are calling out to be born.  What will you choose to do; to go forward or will you turn back?

Obstacles can be learning opportunities for greater success down the road f you keep stepping!!!


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What Are The Most Important Things In Getting People To Buy???

Question of the Day:

I am not a sales person, but love the products I have been using for the past few years and have decided to market them.  What do you think are the most important things in getting people to buy products from me?


I would say number one is passion and loving what you do and sell.  You have used and love the products which will come across when you talk to people.   I would say next, making a connection with the people you are interacting with and listening to really hear what they are looking for and what they are about.

Forming relationships with the people that you are talking to will cause them to want to buy from you.  They might not buy right away, but over time you will find them returning to purchase items from you. They will find themselves talking to their friends and family about the great experience they had interacting with you and encouraging them to contact you and use your services.

Most times people will purchase products from you because of who you are to them and the interaction you have had with them.  The “you factor” is a major factor in why two people selling the same products; one person becoming a real success and the other person is just barely getting a few sales.

When people feel valued and heard it causes them to want to know what you are about and really hear what you are offering.  Providing examples of how you and others have actually benefited from using your products causes people to want to experience the results that others have received.

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Coworker’s Negativity Ruining Atmosphere; How Do I Move Forward?

Question of the Day:

I have a coworker that is extremely negative to be around.  It is ruining the way I feel about my job.  Any suggestions on how to move forward?

The first thing to look at is, how much of your work day do you actually interact with your coworker on a one-on-one basis.  If it is a minimal amount of time you could fortify yourself before and after you meet by intentionally being around people that are more uplifting and supportive.  Reading and listening to insightful and inspiring books and audios could provide you with a reserve that you could draw on whenever the need a rises.

If, however, the coworker is someone you interact with and work with on a continuous basis, more fortification would be called for.  Being prepared is key to creating a better working atmosphere for yourself. Using your breaks as an opportunity to reconnect with something positive by deep breathing for a few minutes, thinking of something pleasant that brings a smile to your face, or just taking a few minutes to walk around and observing nature could break the continuous barrage of negativity.

Meeting with a group of fun, positive coworkers for lunch a couple times a week could act as a beacon of inspiration and encouragement to infuse your week with some enjoyment. Concentrating on something else for even a few minutes at different points during the day could substantially decrease the effect of the negativity on your work day.

I once had a situation where I was surrounded by negativity from the minute I got to work until the time I left.  I was in a position where I could listen to motivating speakers, part of the day, while I worked.  It provided an oasis that helped not only with work situations but also in so many other situations I later encountered.

Looking at your overall work environment and infusing as much positive reinforcement into your day will both ultimately change the atmosphere around you and act as shield to protect you from any residue of negativity that might seep through.

Check out notes from the Universe by Mike Dooley.  A great way to start the morning.

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Advancement Requires Degree; Where Do I Get The Time or Money???

Question of the Day:

In order to advance at work I need to have a college degree. With little money and not much extra time how can I make it happen? Overwhelmed and looking for solutions.

Like with a lot of things, thinking about having to accomplish something might be harder than actually taking steps to achieve it.  Colleges have come a long way in providing ways to get a degree.  You could do distance learning and work on the course work when it works best with your schedule.  A little time here and there adds up to a completed class.  A number of colleges will assign you to an adviser who is there to help you make it and answer your questions.

Another way to get your degree quicker is to test out of classes. If there are areas where you have knowledge and experience you could study the materials and test out of the class.  After you take the test and pass the class, credit would be awarded to you for the course. John Bear’s Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning would be a good book to help guide you through the process of obtaining your degree. Look at accredited programs so if you decide to change programs or pursue another degree your course credits would be transferable and applicable to move forward.

As far as the funds to pursue further education, there are a number of sources to check out. First, since it is a requirement of your employer for further advancement to have a degree, see if your company would pay for/or help with the funding for the courses you take. You might also apply for scholarship and grants.  Starting out at a Junior College might be less expensive than taking classes at a University initially.  A number of Junior Colleges now have classes that can be taken online. Once you decide on a school, check out what funding options might be available through the school or any other funding options they might know of.  As you progress, opportunities for additional funding will become available.

Taking a course or two and doing well in them will boost your confidence and show you that you can do it. 

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Single Parent; Where Do I Get The Encouragement to Keep Going?

Question of the Day:

I work two jobs.  I am a single and sole parent of two small children.  Where do I look for encouragement to keep on keeping on?  Some days it all just seems too much to keep going.

Bits and pieces of time, and things you do, can start to make a big difference in how you feel as well as how things work out for you and your children.  Even though you don’t have a lot of free time, taking a few minutes whenever you can to just stop, take some deep breaths and think about something pleasant and fun will give you a boost. When you take a couple of minutes before  you go to sleep at night and get out of bed in the morning to appreciate even the simplest things from your day, life will start to encourage you that there are actually good things happening.

You could also institute a reward program for you and your children; once a week recognizing things that have went well that week.  Whether the reward is for something big or small, the recognition will can bring a smile and cause you to stop and think about the something that worked well during the week.  It will be an encouragement for the coming week and something tangible to look back on and realize “we did that”.

Choose someone that might need someone in their life to offer a bit of encouragement and a lift in their spirits to keep on keeping on. Then take a few minutes during the week to provide a bit of appreciation for the things they are doing.  Send them a note, a small gift to tell them they matter and you realize how special they are.

Telling and/or doing something for someone else, that you yourself need and desire, will help you realize how much you actually have in your own life.  It will help you make friends and provide an outside source of additional strength and encouragement.

When you give to others somehow it always comes back to you in some form or fashion.

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How Do I Motivate Myself To Do A Good Job?

Question of the Day:

I am struggling with my job, how do I motivate myself to do a good job?

The question to ask yourself is whether you need more motivation to revive you enthusiasm for your present job or is it best to start looking for another opportunity.  Being happy at work affects everything you do.

If the answer is you want to continue with your present position think about what motivated you initially when you first started working there and what has changed and dampened your enthusiasm now.  Look at things and see if this is a temporary low or if it something that continues to cause you to feel reluctant to go to work every day.

If it is a temporary low, try to find some things inside and outside work to encourage you along the way until the situation rectifies itself.  If it is something that is ongoing; determine if you are the one to rectify the situation. If you are the person, start thinking of small steps you can take that can ultimately make a difference.

If you find that it is a bigger project and requires input on issues outside your realm of influence to bring about change; form a group of concerned workers. Form a discussion group and talk about what are some changes that the group could institute or encourage and how to actually implement those changes that would engender more connection and enthusiasm.

To keep yourself motivated on a daily basis read books, go to movies, listen to music that stirs your spirit and encourages you that no matter what it might look and feel like things are actually moving forward and going in a good direction.

This will encourage your soul and create more enthusiasm, not only for work but for everything you do.

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How Do I Get Confidence To Ask For A Raise?

Question of the Day:

I want to make more money but seem to lose confidence when I think about asking for a raise. What is the best way to approach it?

 Even though it has been a tough economy for the past few years, people are getting promoted, and raises are being given.  However, in a lot of companies people are getting smaller raises and larger bonuses, so consider both bonuses and raises when you think about asking for an increase.

In gaining confidence to ask for a raise, there are two people to convince that you deserve the increase in salary; yourself and your employer.  It is important for you to be convinced first that you have earned a raise and why this is so.  This will make it more convincing when actually approaching your employer. To make the case for yourself look at your job description and make note of how you have fulfilled those duties.

People are generally being rewarded for what they are doing above and beyond their required duties. Make a list of things you have done above and beyond the things in your position that you are required to do.  Show factually how these things have brought value and impacted not only the bottom line but also the people aspects of your position.  You might also include a discussion of plans you have for the future to further add value and enhance what you currently do.

It would be a good idea to inquire what other people in your position and industry with your experience are receiving for the same position.  This might show that not only does your work merit an increase, but compared to others in the same position, you deserve a raise to be adequately compensated for what you are currently doing.

Armed with the facts and presenting them in a clear factual manner will be a confidence booster when you actually ask for an increase in salary.

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