Advancement Requires Degree; Where Do I Get The Time or Money???

Question of the Day:

In order to advance at work I need to have a college degree. With little money and not much extra time how can I make it happen? Overwhelmed and looking for solutions.

Like with a lot of things, thinking about having to accomplish something might be harder than actually taking steps to achieve it.  Colleges have come a long way in providing ways to get a degree.  You could do distance learning and work on the course work when it works best with your schedule.  A little time here and there adds up to a completed class.  A number of colleges will assign you to an adviser who is there to help you make it and answer your questions.

Another way to get your degree quicker is to test out of classes. If there are areas where you have knowledge and experience you could study the materials and test out of the class.  After you take the test and pass the class, credit would be awarded to you for the course. John Bear’s Guide to Earning Degrees by Distance Learning would be a good book to help guide you through the process of obtaining your degree. Look at accredited programs so if you decide to change programs or pursue another degree your course credits would be transferable and applicable to move forward.

As far as the funds to pursue further education, there are a number of sources to check out. First, since it is a requirement of your employer for further advancement to have a degree, see if your company would pay for/or help with the funding for the courses you take. You might also apply for scholarship and grants.  Starting out at a Junior College might be less expensive than taking classes at a University initially.  A number of Junior Colleges now have classes that can be taken online. Once you decide on a school, check out what funding options might be available through the school or any other funding options they might know of.  As you progress, opportunities for additional funding will become available.

Taking a course or two and doing well in them will boost your confidence and show you that you can do it. 

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