7 Keys to Achieving Freedom, Time, & Money

On December 10th, 2007 Al Gore accepted the Nobel Peace Prize.  He said “I have a purpose today.  It is a purpose I have tried to serve for many years.  I prayed God would show me a way to accomplish it.” Gore stated that seven years ago he read his political obituary which brought a painful gift of new ways for him to serve his purpose.

 Seven years ago while practicing law I realized that something was missing that like Gore that the purpose I was excited about didn’t really match what I was doing. I was torn because although the financial potential was bright on a daily basis I was not eager to engage in what I was doing. One day it came to point where I decided I had to choose another road. I formed Possibilities Group and began working full time on building my company. As I raveled the path in the last several years I discovered many new things and at the same time, as well as, confirmed many of  the beliefs which lead me to take off in this direction and form Possibilities Group.

Over a year ago I participated in a Tele Seminar.  As I listened to the presentation I realized that the moderator was very comfortable talking about energy, magic, business, imagination, passion in the same conversation.  On that call I realized that I was like two different people.  One which  I displayed in my business, professional life and another that encompassed the things that I was passionate about.  On that call my two selves came together.  I realized that to really have excitement, zeal and enthusiasm, to truly achieve the things that mattered to me this conversion of these two parts of me had to take place.

As I began to look around I discovered that the same thing was really true for most people. The seven most overlooked and undervalued steps, to achieving freedom, time and money were really hidden assets to a large portion of the population.   As I began to share the seven keys, I found that when people learned how to effectively apply the keys they substantially increased their progress and enjoyment in their careers and their lives.  When they found out how to plug into the steps, amazing changes began to occur in their lives. Some even began calling the keys, adding the magic.  They discovered that without imagination, passion, expectation, dreams, enjoyment, and the “you factor” they really had not had the quality of fuel necessary or the insight to be able to scale the higher, highest peaks of their potential.

 To have real power, accomplishment, and satisfaction in life and business the most important things to have present are imagination, passion, expectation, dreaming, and finding real enjoyment in what we are engaged in. People have to show up as who they really are if their life is to have punch and vitality to get them where they want to be.

In many places, whether they have their own business or work for a corporation, people are afraid to be vulnerable and be who they truly are.   They have one self at the office and another self that shows up in the other part of their lives. People don’t do this on purpose. You might think the reason they don’t show up as who they really are is because their other self poses a threat, or that they carry hidden secrets that they can only show outside of work?  Most times that’s not the reason they have one persona at work and another outside the office. It usually happens because they feel there is a business culture that would not welcome their complete self.   The reasons often are that most people feel if they were truly who they are in business they might not be promoted as fast, or at all, might not get the raises they deserve. 

I worked at a major Corporation and engaged in a diversity study participating in breakout sessions with the highest levels of management.  In those sessions they revealed in they were one person at home, outside work, and another in their jobs. They did not trusting  being that vulnerable in the office. On the other hand I have been in business cultures where their greatest assets are their people, they reward imagination, passion.  There is a tremendous difference in the self motivation, enjoyment that takes places in this type of culture.  There is a special type of magic and fun in the environment that can be sensed and felt. These factors are truly a consideration when raises and bonuses are handed out. 

When we really look at the way people truly progress we see that in every environment those that have brought passion, imagination and are enjoying what they do we see that is the basis for true advancement, achievement, satisfaction and financial progression and provide the recipe for how to stand out from the crowd.

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