How Do I Get More Time In My Day?

Question of the Day?

I feel that time is not my own these days. How do I get it back?

Time is sometimes an illusion. The more we concentrate on it the less time we seem to have and the slower the clock seems to move. When we are anxious for the work day to end or a special event to occur time seems to move at a snail’s pace. When we are rushed and have a deadline to meet, time seems to speed by and often leaves us feeling that time will run out before we are able to complete the task.

The question is how do we have enough time to accomplish what we need to and still feel we have time to do what we want to do.  It is important to be realistic about how long things will take to accomplish and to stick to the time scheduled to accomplish the task.

If you find that the project is going to run longer, it is better to reschedule rather than scramble for extra time for the rest of the day to make up for the time lost. Make a list of the tasks you want to accomplish that day and then prioritizing them is helpful. Then if you run out time at the end of the day you can add the remaining tasks on your list for the next day’s schedule.  This will insure what is important will actually get accomplished.

Doing what you like enhances your work and your life, so actually schedule some “like to do time” on your calendar and actually take the  time.  It might seem necessary, if you have a deadline, to want skip the ”like to do time”, but in the long run the “like to do time”  is a better investment.  If you take the scheduled time, you will actually feel more energetic, ready to plug in and feel you actually have more time to accomplish your other tasks.

It’s not about having more time it’s about how we see and use the time we have.  We get the time back by looking at it and scheduling it differently.

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