How to Reinvigorate Your Job Search!

Job Search Stuck?
Becoming Reinvigorate!




I think I am stuck and everything and everyone

around me seems to agree.

What options could there possibly be?

People say there is a recession.

No jobs anywhere that is the general impression.


But inside I feel there has to be a way.

No matter what they say……….

Deep inside there is something saying “just around the corner…”

Don’t be such a mourner.

There is hope, if you can just stop sliding down the slope.


I answer back, “It’s no use. Just look around there is nothing – no jobs, no one offering hope.”

I find myself saying “no matter what I do, I can’t stop the slide down the slope.”


Again, from that place from deep within, as if I hear a voice saying “you can do it.

The way will be lit from within bit, by bit.”


You have the power.

This is your hour.

The key is to not to stop believing there is a way.

Before you know it night will turn to day.


You will find yourself unstuck and out of the muck.


By:  Sarah Klein-Tower



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