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Sarah Klein Tower, JD, PhD
“Remember the Magic!”


“I love sharing and providing insight on how to get “unstuck” in life. Through my own experiences and observations, I understand the value of mental, physical health & overall wellness. I’ve always understood the value in education so today I continue to learn, grow and share my knowledge with others. I help people learn how to get reconnected with themselves and their true passion. Goals are important but goals that plug into your personal passion are gold. A wonderful side effect of this for me is that my life is also expanding and opening as I continue to learn and share.”

Sarah is an attorney with an interesting and diverse background. She graduated from the University of Houston Law School and later ran for U. S. Congress. Sarah’s interest and involvement in nutrition issues and in personal growth for all individuals led Sarah to begin a Ph.D program in natural health and alternative methods for maintaining personal health and advancing personal growth. She is in the process of completing that program. All of her experiences in work, life and working with energy has led Sarah to the formation of Possibilities Group.


Her bookShall We Dance Through Life is a daily recipe for having a delicious life.

Possibilities Group is dedicated to creating a higher quality of life through “Possible” thinking and actions.  Possibilities Group was created to remind people that life is full of possibilities. Through our experiences with these products, and their influence in our lives, we want to provide the opportunity we believe each individual should have to create a quality of life that helps them to realize their Complete Self.

We all succeed in expanding our possibilities, by creating events and opportunities in our lives. Possibilites Group utilizesTeleconference Events, Entreprenurial Business Opportunities, Personal One on One Conference Calls, or recommended reading, such as “Shall we Dance Through Life”, to accomplish this.

I am a Collaborator, Motivator, Success Coach and Team player, and I fulfill my Entrepreneurial Drive by offering a great service that enriches the lives of others.

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